Wild Game & Custom Meat Processing

Custom Meat Processing

For those of you raising livestock or hunting game this season, we offer custom meat processing based on our guidelines outlined below. Please call ahead prior to bringing in your meat to ensure we have room for you!

Guidelines and general information for meat acceptance

Prior to bringing your meat in, please ensure that you have followed our guidelines which ensures both parties’ are in compliance with all rules, regulations, and sanitation standards. If any of these guidelines are found to have been violated, we retain the right to refuse accepting your meat:

  • We process only boneless “sausage ready” meatAt this time, we only process boneless, sausage ready meat.  “Sausage ready means that it is trimmed of all uneatable sinew and bone.  It is free from debris like hair, dirt, and grass etc.  Bullet or shot fragments are EXTREAMLY damaging to our equipment.  If there is any bullet or shot fragments found we will have to cease production and return your meat to you.


  • In order to ensure proper sanitation we will simply refuse heavily soiled meat


  • 10kg of lean meat minimum We request 10kg of whole muscle meat or trimmings minimum to make a batch.  Generally speaking, we add 20% pork and/or beef fat to the lean meat base


  • We reserve the right to refuse any meat that is not accompanied by the appropriate documentation“Appropriate documentation” includes Hunting licence with corresponding tag and government issued ID or Status card. If transporting an animal for another individual, transporter must have a “Record of Receipt for Transporting Wildlife” found on p.24 of the BC hunting and trapping regulations synopsis


  • Wait times & StorageIt can take 3-4 weeks to process custom orders.  Please be patient, WE WILL CALL YOU when it is ready.  Please have a plan for storage of product upon completion.  We charge $5/day for storage for storage starting 1 week after notification of completion.Good luck, and happy hunting!