Our Story, Friends and Suppliers

Here at the Chop N Block we pride ourselves on sourcing locally produced and/or locally processed products.

First we source from within our community, then within our province and at the very least from within our country. Below is a list and some links to our suppliers sites and contact information if you’d like to find out more about the products we offer.

Introducing our new Smokehouse Jerky

The Chop N Block Story

The Chop N Block was founded in 1999. After passing through a few different hands and carrying a few different prefixes it always provided the same great products and services. In the spring of 2014, it ended up in the capable hands of Brody White and Heather Nicklas who operate Spruce Goose Culinary LTD. Hence, Spruce Goose & Chop N Block is the tittle it caries today. Brody and Heather are very excited about continuing the tradition of the local butcher and deli.


  • Devick Ranch, Knouff Lake B.C. Devick Ranch supplies our AAA grain finished beef. No added growth promoting hormones and no antibiotics.
  • Indian Gardens Ranch, Savona B.C. Indian Gardens provides us seasonally with our grass finished beef. Grass fed beef is as naturally raised and grazed as it gets. With no added growth promoting hormones and no antibiotics. It has the additional health benefits of the right balance of Omega 6:3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, and vitamin K2(found in grass).
  • Raven Ridge Farms, Barriere B.C. Raven Ridge supplies our Pasture Raised “Free Range” chickens and turkeys seasonally.
  • Backwoods Bison, Pritchard B.C. Pasture Raised Bison, free of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics.
  • South Peace Colony, Farmington B.C. Free Run Chickens, Turkeys, Pork, and Lamb all free of growth promoting hormones and antibiotics.
  • Farm Fed, Abbotsford B.C. Free Run Chickens and Turkeys.
  • Farmcrest Foods, Salmon Arm B.C. Free Run Chickens, Specialty Natural Chickens.
  • Kam Lake-View Meats, Cherry Creek B.C. Kam Lake View Meats processes a lot of our locally sourced animals at their provincially inspected abattoir. Along with providing some of our deli meats, bacons, hams and their legendary garlic sausage.
  • Sedo’s International, Salmon Arm B.C. Sedo’s supplies our deli with many different cured meat products including: salamis, chorizos, and dried garlic sausage.
  • Grassroots Dairy, Salmon Arm B.C. Our Grass fed only milk, yogurt and gouda’s are all from Grassroots Dairy.

Associations and Friends

  • BC Association of Abbatoirs
  • Canadian Federation of Chefs and Cooks
  • Kamloops Chamber of Commerce
  • Farm2Chefs Collaborative
  • Rotary Club of Kamloops and “Chefs in the City”
  • TRU Culinary Arts and Retail Meat Training
  • Kamloops Food Bank